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Sandbox Project
Welcome to the Sandbox! Use this project to learn the basics of the Virtual Robotics Toolkit. The Youtube playlist below will show you how to start, stop, and drive the robot in a simulated project file.
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Learn 1
Line Following
Understanding how to build a good line follower is one of the most versatile skills that you can teach yourself, as almost every robotics competition involves some element of line detection. The Youtube playlist below teaches the basics of line following using a simulated LEGO Mindstorms EV3.
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Learn 3
This is a robotics battle that is 400 years in the making! The traditional Japanese sport of Sumo wrestling flourished in the 1600s throughout feudal Japan. Now, design and program a robot of your own to push your opponent out of the ring.
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Connections Academy | Pearson Online & Blended Learning
“Over the years, I have found that providing students with competitions and challenges is a great strategy in motivating them to make connections with their peers and to encourage self-guided learning. The Online Virtual Robotics Gaming system offers a way for students to compete against other students or work toward improving their own scores, all while honing important STEM skills. I am excited about using this system as a tool to harness students’ competitive spirits and to offer them a way to interact with each other outside of regularly scheduled class time.“
Amanda Dice
Instruction Specialist
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Thunderbots, FIRST LEGO League Team
“As coach and mentor of a First Lego League (FLL) I have been using FLL challenge mats for over 3 years and as FLL has added more and more complex missions the time to allow kids to spend time on their own to program the robot have become difficult. I was looking for a way to make their learning smoother, faster and independent. I found Virtual Robotics Toolkit was extremely impressed with the product. It was so easy to use, and required no computer aided design knowledge. After an intensive analysis of all the tools for simulating an NXT/EV3 robot that currently exist on the market, I have chosen to incorporate Cogmation's Virtual Robotics Toolkit into our learning due to one main reason: the enormous flexibility offered both to the coach/teacher and the students to test their programming on a virtual playing field. Thank-you Cogmation team for a terrific product.”
Sudheer Padinchara
FLL Mentor, Thunderbors,Sacramento
Connections Academy | Pearson Online & Blended Learning
“During my time with the Robotics and Gaming & Technology Clubs, I have seen what an asset the Virtual Robotics Toolkit has been to our Student Experience program and to our students. It is a valuable resource that allows our students to have access to robotics software and online opportunities that they wouldn't normally be able to experience. Hundreds of students in our program have designed, built and programmed robots using the Virtual Robotics Toolkit and have enjoyed participating in virtual challenges and competitions. The Cogmation team has been fantastic to work with as well and I value our partnership tremendously. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of our students, helping them gain lifelong skills in teamwork, problem solving, engineering and computer programming.“
Laura Strattan
Student Experience Specialist

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