About Cogmation

Cogmation Robotics develops simulation software that enables users to design & control robotics systems. This technology has been proven to engage
more STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) students with their robotics studies.

Pilots use flight simulators before taking actual flight, and we firmly believe our software overcomes many barriers that are associated with using real robots in the classroom; such as the
high price and limited availability of robotics hardware.


Why Now?

In school systems around the world it has become increasingly more and more important to graduate students with degrees in computer science and engineering. While it’s well-known that generating interest at younger learning ages has previously been a challenge, the appeal of “playing” with robots in school has not only “cool-factor” for the students, but added convenience for educators as well.

Virtual Robot Games in Numbers

The Virtual Robot Games allows you to design, program, and compete in simulated LEGO® Mindstorms® competitions against others from around the world.

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